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161025_Climate Innovation Lab

Ana beim Climate Innovation Lab im Rahmen der Veranstaltung "ECO4CLIM16 Innovation Lab und Climate Champion Award"

Ana Shalin Stoekcermann hat für Flussbad Berlin einen 1,5 stündigen Ideen-Workshop zum Thema „How to become a greater movement?“ angeboten.

Interessierte TeilnehmerInnen und potentielle PreisträgerInnen für den „Climate Champion Award“ konnten sich hier anmelden:

Was noch viel interessanter ist, ist der Abschlusbericht mit Bildern aus unserem Workshop, den Ihr hier findet.


PART 1 Climate Innovation Labs:

Workshop Ecopreneurs, green companies, civil society organizations, and other key stakeholders came together to identify local climate challenges and outline inspiring sustainable business solutions to address them in different workshop formats. The following labs were offered to which our participants were distributed equally.

Flussbad's Workshop:

2) Raising a greater social movement for cleaning the Spree Lead: Ana Shalin Stoeckermann, Coordinator @ Flussbad Berlin e.V. The challenge addresses the question how Flussbad Berlin can become a greater social movement, e.g. through new communication strategies and action plans. This is important to finally succeed in realizing our vision of clean fresh water in the Spree (canal )