We want to swim in the Spree river – in Berlin City centre

This Idea ist genius. That is the reason we want to do something. Join us


This ideas inspires us

The Kupfergraben – part of the river Spree – becomes a pool. With clean filtered natural stream water. Not anywhere, but in the heart of Berlin’s historical centre, directly along the precious Museum Island with it’s marvelous museums. An economical, economical and social benefit for Berlin. And for all ‘Berliners’.

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We are

We are a non-profit organization since 2012. We want that this idea of the Berlin river pool a reality. More about the organisation can be found here.


Why Flussbad Berlin

»It works in Zurich so it should work in Berlin and it would be a great place for me and my kids to go. « Brian O’Connor (Berlin) »It’s an awesome idea!« Joschka Koestel (Mainz) »Awesome!!« N.N. »The city is a place for people – swimming in the river should be a natural part of life in the urban center.« Kristien Ring (Berlin) »Because we need the rivers to be again part of our cities.I wish there would be a ‘river swimming society’ in every city that has a river running through it. Starting from Rome.« Anna Lai (Berlin)