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Technical feasability is confirmed

In the feasibility study, which was funded by the LOTTO Foundation, three basic technical criteria have been examined and certified feasible.

Made possible by a grant of LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin we were able to conduct an investigation in three major technical challenges of the project proposal Flussbad Berlin in early spring 2015. The engineers responsible could provide confirmation for:

1. Flood protection: the required flood water discharge on the Spree canal can be maintained;

2. Water quality: the natural cleansing of the river water into bathing water quality can be achieved by the proposed reedbed-filter;

3. Combined sewer: overflows of combined sewers in the "swimming area" can be completely suppressed; the total amount and volume of overflows in the project area is thereby considerably reduced.

The Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment and its relevant departments (urban design, urban and regional planning and environmental protection) gave a generally positive feedback and suggestions for further detailed studies.

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