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Filter prototype: conception and design began

In December 2015 in colaboration with engineers and scientist we began to thoroughly work on the prototype testfilter

In summer 2016 we plan to install a prototype testfilter system within the deactivated lock in the Spreekanal. Once installed it will hopefully gather data on filtration capacity and efficiency, we want to run it on different configurations and – most important – visualize all data, so everybody can understand what will happen within the testfilter and check the water quality before and after filtration instantly.

In December 2015 after a long tender period we've finally signed a contract with Berlin based engineer firm AKUT, which in colaboration with scientists from the network "Kompetenznetz Wasser Berlin" will work on the structure design, filtration design and operational and monitoring concept, that will last at least until the end of 2018. Further information you will find here, when we successfully passed the approval process.