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160715 Anstreichaktion Logbuch Abschluss

"Hans Wilhelm" can now be lowered into the water

For a whole week and with many helping hands we have repainted the barge "Hans-Wilhelm". Now she is ready to go into the water.

Between July 11th and 15th we have externally overhauled the barge "Hans-Wilhelm". Nearly 300 liters of paint have been applied to the hull. In particular, underneath the ship it was a sweat driving and color dripping work. But it was worth it. See here the photos from the Action Week.

And if you want to know why? Read here.

First, loose paint from the outer shell had to be waterblasted, Photo: cc Kai Dolata
Then came the first coat in black, photo: cc Kai Dolata
The second painting in brown, so you were able to see that all areas of the hull were coated several times. Photo: cc Axel Schmidt
Carefully all surfaces are coated. Photo: cc Annette Hauschild, OSTKREUZ
It was worked with telescopic rods and reels. Photo: cc Axel Schmidt
... without telescopic rods ... Photo: cc Axel Schmidt
... or with brushes. Photo: cc Axel Schmidt
Many volunteers accelerate the work. Photo: cc Annette house sign, OSTKREUZ
Proper protective clothing was naturally present. Photo: cc Annette Hauschild, OSTKREUZ
Small welding work had also been carried out. Photo: cc Axel Schmidt
Discussion on the ship, Photo: cc Axel Schmidt
Breaks next to Barge, Photo: cc Axel Schmidt
For this the action is. Photo: cc Annette Hauschild, OSTKREUZ
The entire team of helpers on 07/13/2016, Photo: cc Annette Hauschild, OSTKREUZ