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180226_4. Berliner Flussbad Pokal

PM ~ Save the Date: Flussbad Swimming Cup in 2018

We fixed the date for our 4th Flussbad Swimming Cup: July 1st, 2018

On July 1st 2018, we will be spotlighting the Flussbad by means of our annual event: the 4th Annual Flussbad Swimming Cup, a one-kilometre race that takes place in the Kupfergraben section of the Spree Canal. Our goal with this event is to publicise the project; however, we are also eager to highlight the poor condition of rivers in general and to send out a clear signal in support of water preservation and protection.


All relevant information is available here on our website, including press images free of charge. For security reasons, access to the Spree Canal at Monbijou Bridge will not be possible for the press.


In case of too heavy rainfall and the eventually that we have to cancel the competition, please note Sunday, 9th of September as the alternative date.