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Volunteertreffen am 17.04.2018

Regelmäßig treffen wir Freiwilligen uns und besprechen mögliche Aktionen der kommenden Tage und Wochen.

Our volunteer meetings are aimed at telling you more about our work at Flussbad Berlin and show you where you can get involved to promote and support the project on a concrete level.

We never would have made it this far without the help and encouragement of our many supporters; people who help to plan and carry out events and actions on a voluntary basis, they are important multipliers of the project and help to spread our vision!

For our multiple events and actions we need support in many ways. Therefore, we are always looking for people wanting to engage and actively getting involved in order to promote the realisation of the project itself. The possibilities to support us are diverse, ranging from organising info tables, offering a guided tour along the Spree Canal to actively contributing to our annual Flussbad Cup.
Creative ideas and actions on how to advance the project in a new way are also always welcome!

Please register in advance writing to


3. Berliner Flussbad Pokal – Volunteers 2017, Foto: cc Annette Hauschild Agentur Ostkreuz