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Flussbad on podium of final conference of research project "Flusshygiene"

For three years researchers - granted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research - worked on the project "Flusshygiene" which - besides others - developed ways for bathing water quality prognosises. Today they discussed all results at the final conference in Berlin.

Flussbad Belrin has been invited to participate a panel discussion to speak about possible synergies between the research results and its own project development and researches. There is a lot we could co-operate: i.e. an App that already produces quality prognosises on one river bath in the western part of Berlin. Also some cost-benefit analysis which have been done for a multitute of proposed suburbian Spree riverbaths could be adapted for the inner city project. And of course a more thourough monitoring based on our testfilter could be implemented with results of the research project. So we are really looking forward to co-operating in the close future.

And many thanks for letting us participate in the outcome.