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Donate for our intensive water testing program

Beginning in spring 2017 we will examine several water quality parameters within our swimming test-filter. We want to gain a comprehensive knowledge about the state of the river Spree and the filter effect of our prototype filter-plant and to show all results to the public.


When our prototypical test filter system starts its service in spring 2017 in the barge "Hans-Wilhelm", not only the various filter basins will clean the water of the river Spree. We will have a dense program of measurement by a variety of sensors and water samples, which will allow us conclusions about the water quality in the channel and the filter effect of the different filter basins. The measurements are part of a very complex and cost-intensive program, which we intend to carry out within the framework of the "National Projects of Urban Development" program.

Effort and cost

In the draft of an operation, monitoring and measuring program for the prototape test filter, all parameters, which we believe can provide information on the current water quality and effectiveness of our future filter system, have been included. The more frequent we can perform the measurements, the more comprehensive and accurate the overall result will be. However, the number of measurements is limited by the individual costs and our limited budget.

In order to give an impression of measurements and costs, we will present a list of the values to be determined, their planned monthly measurement cycles and the individual prices charged for them.

List of parameters to be measured in the prototype test filter, including the frequency per month and the individual price (assumptions October 2016, list: cc AKUT Umwelttechnik GmbH / Kai Dolata, Flussbad Berlin)


The extent to which we are able to carry out all measurements depends on the available budget. We therefore ask you for donations.

You will already help with an donations of 2 Euros. With that we are able to record one of more than 500 individual measurements per month. And since we publish all the results of the measurements, we will provide the respective evaluations with your name - if you wish.

We handle all donations with the form by our partner "betterplace" on the right side . Betterplace is a Berlin based not-for-profit institution, which allows other non-profit organizations to raise funds and issue corresponding donation receipts. All donations will be given to us 100%.

More details and specification on the messuring programm can be found on our Betterplace-Site.