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Water landscape at Fischerinsel

In the upper section of the canal – along Fischerinsel (Fischer Island) all the way to Gertraudenbrücke – the Flussbad project foresees transforming the water into a more natural state.

By installing the plant filter downstream at the Federal Foreign Office, the speed of the water flow would decline to only a few centimetres per second. In contrast to the faster flow of the canalised Hauptspree – the main route of the Spree River navigated by tourist boats and barges – the result here would be a very calm area more similar to an oxbow lake than a river. Accordingly, along the Fischerinsel at the northern bank, parts of the canal wall will be removed in order to generate a more natural and softer embankment and river landscape.

This would allow the unique area – located within the kilometre-long canalised inner-city Spree – to become a type of "resting place" for wildlife, such as dragonflies, birds and fish. Water plants and bank-side plants could also grow here. In the field of ecology, these connecting rest areas are called "stepping stones". They foster the migration and spread of flora and fauna and therefore have a unique value in terms of restoring the ecological balance of the Spree. 

The water landscape that would emerge here would offer a special opportunity for the people of the city to come to understand the river and appreciate it with all of their senses.