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Kaub - Swimming school Cubalido

Kaub - Swimming school Cubalido

In 2016 the Cubalido swimming school in Kaub took place for the first time. Swimming in the Rhine was so well received that it was clear that the event should be continued. So you can continue to drift between Lorch and Kaub in the Rhine and enjoy the landscape to the fullest.

At the so-called “Kauber beach for retired persons” at kilometre 544 of the Rhine the swimmers get into the water with their large flippers put on. Over 2 kilometres one can swim in the Rhine or drift in the current.

The task of safeguardingof the river swimmers will be handled by the DLRG from Kaub-Loreley, since the Rhine’s current is so strong at some places as to carry a swimmer away if not being prudent.

Enjoying the cool river Rhine, the warm air and the unmistakable backdrop of the Middle Rhine Valley with all senses and a completely new perspective, thiese are the main aims of the Cubalido swimming school.