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Copenhagen - Harbour baths

Copenhagen - Harbour baths

Just 15 years since the first “new generation” of public baths opened at Islands Brygge, the Copenhageners consider it a natural thing to swim in the harbour.

However swimming in the harbour is not a new invention. Until the 1950ies there were several “bathing houses” located in the inner harbour, but they all closed due to the poor quality of the water. Today where the water is clean the demand for more baths, flexible opening hours at swimming facilities and facilities for use during the winter is increasing. In the near future there will be established a lot of new swimming possibilities in Copenhagen due to new “swimming zones” that allow people to jump in the water in designated areas. It is now part of the strategies of the municipality to use the harbour as the “blue common” in order to create attractive public spaces and encourage people to use the water for recreational purposes both swimming, kayaking, sailing, fishing etc.

Swimming in harbours or rivers of cities literally changes the perspective on the city and adds new qualities into the urban life. In the growing cities the lack of (public) space makes it necessary to consider the water as a common urban space that invites people to use it. Therefore the cities should offer clean waters and consider it a multifunctional public space accessible for all citizens.

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