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Swimming area

The clean river Spree at Museums Island

Between Palace Square and Bode Museum a roughly 840-meter outdoor swimming pool will arise.

Water filters will cleanse an 840-metre section of the Spree Canal between Schlossplatz and Bode Museum so that residents and visitors alike can enjoy a brand new bathing experience in the Spree. A new end weir located at the northern tip of the island in the area around Monbijou Bridge will separate the clean-water area from the main line of the Spree. Descending stairs at two points along the canal – at the Lustgarten and Humboldt Forum – will give visitors direct access to the Spree, whether to enjoy the view or have a swim. On the opposite side, along the west wall of the canal, the already existing small staircases will be expanded as further access points to the river. In the summer, Berliners and visitors will be able to gather on the wide open stairs along the shoreline to enjoy the evening sun. Access to the river will transform it into a new public space at the centre of the historical city.