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Our Supporters

We never would have made it this far without the help and encouragement of our many supporters, including the German Federal Government, the City of Berlin, the LOTTO Foundation and countless individuals whose ideas, efforts and donations have allowed us to take both big and small steps towards achieving our goal. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all these generous individuals and organisations.

We accept and encourage all forms of support, whether it's a single voice, a small donation or a contribution of time and energy. We publish the names of our supporters on the Flussbad website to show just how many people are interested in bringing the project to fruition.

Online purchases made via the charity platform Boost also help; depending on the online shop you chose, a certain percentage of the purchase amount makes it way to our non-profit association. Of course, we provide official receipts for all donations made to our bank account. In the case of donations made via our partner Betterplace (see the form below), the company "gut gAG" takes over the procedure.

Our first approved funding application, which came from the foundation known as the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin in the summer of 2014, provided the financing that allowed us to launch a primary professional investigation into the potential development of the project: this initial technical feasibility study examined hydrological issues associated with the Flussbad and produced positive results.

In November 2014, Flussbad Berlin became one of 21 premium projects to receive support as part of an urban development programme sponsored by Germany's Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation, Buliding and Nuclear Safety (BMUM) and the Berlin Senate. The programme runs until the end of 2018 and allows us to create a viable realisation plan for the Flussbad as well as to communicate our efforts to the public as effectively as possible.  


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All donations are used exclusively for the statutory purposes of our non-profit association. We issues receipts for all donations made. We are registered as a non-profit association at the Tax Office for Corporations I Berlin under the tax number 27/653/56712.

Our donation account is at the GLS Bank,
Owner: Flussbad Berlin e.V.
IBAN: DE62 4306 0967 1143 2159 00

You can also donate using the attached form via our partner betterplace.org

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Our Individual Sponsors

This list of individual sponsors is no doubt incomplete, because YOUR NAME is not on it. Support us and get your name on there!

Marion Aschbacher, Sebastian Backhaus, Lisa Baer, Günter Bartsch, André Baumunk, Roland Becher, Laura Bieger, Oliver Bischoff, Daniel Bischoff, Gregor Blach, Hans Boes, Martin Boissier, Su Böttcher, Mélanie Bourlioux, Bastian Braun, Stephanie Breese, Martin Briese, Steffen Brunner, M D, Steffen de Rudder, Marc Dickel, Milla Dolata, Marilena Egitto, Brigitte Fickinger, Susanne Fleck, Christoph Fleckenstein, Astrid Fröhling, Veith Gärtner, Jens Gerber, Lisa Gericke, Vincent Glad, Naro Goller, Jessica Grasso, Sören Grünert, Beate Gütschow, Florian Hahn, Andreas Hanitsch, Wulf Herzogenrath, Mathias Hevert, Paula Hildebrandt, Max imd, Maximilian Imm, Immo Janssen, Johan Jensen, Yoshiko Jentczak, Magnus John, Berlin John, Ion Jonas, Tobias Jundt, Sophie Karbjinski, Alina Kiesow, Jens Kirstein, Peter Kleinwächter, Thomas Koch, Joschka Koestel, Joschka Koestel, Matthias Kolbeck, Bernd Krahe, Ferdinand Kramer, Ludger Kreilos-Erichsen, Henrik Kuhlmann, Benjamin Kummer, Brigitte Kunze, Diana Labschies, Emmanuel Laux, Tanja Linke, Ninon Liotet, Ka Lohmann, Tillmann Lohse, Ludloff + Ludloff, Leona Lynen, Flavia Mameli, Bastien Mary, Fiona McDermott, Stefan Messner, Tim Meyer, Katja Morkel, Alwin Müller, Kristina Musholt, Bettina Neuhaus, Brian O'Connor, Maria Otto, Rana Öztürk, Marcel Paulssen, Laura Pfannemüller, Frau Pilscheur, Albrecht Popken, Hendrik Pupat, Markus Quetsch, Jan Alexander Rabe, Silvan Rehfeld, Johannes Rettberg, Simon Reuter, Joe Rinke, Kerstin Rippel, Melanie Robalino, Benjamin Rohde, Phil Roll, Valentina Romano, Laszlo Ronzino, Andreas Orsini Rosenberg, Simon Ruschmeyer, Falk Saalbach, Daniel Schad, Barbara Schindler, Knut Schindler, Gal Schkolnik, Ralph Schlüter, Felix Schmidt, Martin Schmidt, Heide Schollähn, Torben Schomaker, Karin Schopp, Kai Schröder, Matthias Schultze-Kraft, Christian Schulze, Fabian Schumann, Necip Oguz Serbetci, Marcus Shrey, Katja Söchting, Nikolai Sperling, Katharina Spiering, Ana Srepel, Joerg Stephan, Nathalie Strittmatter, Eva Sturm, Konrad Tadesse, Elisabeth Tran, EJ van Lanen, Ricarda Veigel, Katja von der Bey, Michael von der Mühlen, Denhart von Harling, Sabine von Sarnowski, Sigrun Wagner, Robert Wagner, Chantal Walker, Sebastian Wegener, Lukas Weinspach, Susanne Weller, Aarne Welschlau, Florian Werner, Claudia Wigger, Jenni Winterhagen, Andreas Witte, Uwe Wolf, Johannes Wrubel, Anjes Zehner, Christian Zimmermann, Trent zum Mallen, Marc Steffen Zwisele. (As of December 2015)

If you would like to be mentioned here, just send us an E-Mail, or donate and click on "Mention my name on the website"