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Berlin Flussbad Cup

The Berlin Flussbad Cup is an annual event that transforms the Kupfergraben section of the River Spree into a public swimming area

The Berlin Flussbad Pokal (Berlin Flussbad Cup) is an annual event that temporarily occupies the Spree Canal and turns it into a public space by means of a competitive and recreational swimming event. At the moment, this event is the only opportunity Berliners have to experience and enjoy the Kupfergraben – an area of the Spree between Schlossbrücke and Monbijoubrücke bridges – in a manner that doesn’t involve a motorised boat.

Every year, on a Sunday in early summer, we block off this particular section of the canal from boat traffic to prepare for the event. We take multiple samples to make sure the water quality is good enough to swim in, and we stay in close contact with the Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Berlin’s urban water utility, so that we are immediately informed about sewage overflows if they occur. Before giving the go-ahead for the Flussbad swimming event, a team of divers from the THW-Helfervereinigung Neukölln (Neukölln Technical Relief Service, THW) searches the bottom of the Spree Canal for dangerous foreign objects and removes them if necessary. During the actual event, members of the Berlin branch of the Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft (German Life Saving Society, DLRG) make sure that everyone stays safe and above-water during their swim. This year, the Verein der Berliner Wasserratten (Berlin Water Rats Association, founded in 1889) will be responsible for carrying out the competition part of the swim; the recreational part of the swim will be handled by the Berlin Flussbad Association.

In addition to being an exciting sporting event, the Flussbad Pokal also helps call attention to the overall Flussbad project, while also enabling as many people as possible to swim past some of the most magnificent historic buildings on Berlin’s Museum Island, including the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum, the German Historical Museum, the Neues Museum, the James Simon Gallery and the Humboldt Forum.
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Eindrücke aus den vergangenen Jahren

Berliner Flussbad-Pokal 2018

Neuer Teilnehmerrekord

Schon mehr als 500 TeilnehmerInnen im Kupfergraben.

Berliner Flussbad-Pokal 2017

Jahrhundertregen und Flussbad Lied

Aufgrund erheblicher Kanalisationsüberläufe und Hochwasser fiel das Schwimmen aus

Berliner Flussbad-Pokal 2016

Wettkampf und Freizeitschwimmen

Neben einem Wettkampfschwimmen konnte auch jeder ohne Zeitmessung ins Wasser

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Berliner Flussbad-Pokal 2015

Das erste Mal im Spreekanal

Erstmals seit 90 Jahren konnte wieder offiziell im Kupfergraben geschwommen werden