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See here to register for the recreational swim (Flussschwimmen)

This year’s recreational swim is free of charge and covers a stretch of roughly 1,000 metres. If you would prefer to race in the official Flussbad Pokal competition, for which you have to pay a fee, we ask that you register at the Berliner Wasserratten e.V. (see information below).

General Information (subject to change)

Ausschnitt des Lageplans für den 5. Berliner Flussbad-Pokal 2019
This year, the route of the Flussbad Pokal competition will be extended to the Olympic distance of 1,500 metres, stretching from the southern Monbijoubrücke all the way to the Humboldt Forum and back. Swimmers in the non-competitive recreational swim known as the “Flussschwimmen” will take the usual 1,000-metre route running from the southern Monbijoubrücke to the Schlossbrücke and back. The starting and finishing line are found just underneath the southern Monbijoubrücke. The buoy marking the turning point in the Flussbad Pokal race will be located at a distance of 750 metres away, which is roughly around the Humboldt Forum. The buoy marking the turning point for the recreational swimmers will be located after 500 metres, roughly at the Lustgarten. Swimmers participating in the timed competition will start the race already in the water. Please note that the route narrows significantly as you pass the Pergamon Museum (roughly 200 metres from the starting line). We ask that all swimmers in this area pay particular attention to their fellow swimmers coming from both directions (see map).

Recreational Swim

Recreational Swim
The Flussschwimmen is a free-of-charge, recreational swim through a 1,000-metre stretch of the Spree Canal. This non-competitive swim is aimed at swimmers who are in good shape and able to swim 1,000 metres, but who don’t feel any need to compete in an actual race. These swimmers will not have their swims timed. Participants will also not receive any form of starter pack. However, please note that it is mandatory that you wear an easily visible bathing cap (as bright as possible so that our lifeguards can see you at all times). All participants in the Flussschwimmen recreational swim will receive a personalised certificate of participation.

Age Requirement
The minimum age for participating in the Flussbad Pokal race and the Flussschwimmen recreational swim is 16 years. Also, anyone under the age of 18 who wishes to participate will be permitted to do so only with the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Advance Registration & Same-Day Registration
Due to the limited number of swimmers allowed in the water, we highly recommend that you register online well in advance of the swim. Spontaneous on-site registration on the day of the swim is possible, but is contingent upon the number of pre-registered swimmers.

Entry Fee & Starter Pack
This year will mark the first time that the 1,000-metre, non-timed Flussschwimmen recreational swim will be completely free of charge. However, participants still have to register in advance to take part. Please also note that participants will not receive a starter pack this year, but they will need an official Flussbad wristband to enter the water. This “Einlassbändchen” (entry wristband) will be handed out on-site on the day of the swim.

Substitute Date & Cancellation
If the event has to be cancelled on the scheduled date of 16th June 2019 due to force majeure, including such things as inadequate water quality, all registrations will be valid for the substitute date of 25th August 2019.

Thermal Swimwear
Participants are permitted to wear protective thermal swimwear if there are no security-related reasons that speak against it on the day of the event.

Common Lounge Area
The common lounge area for swimmers are no more located on the grounds of the “Märchenhütte” but on the norther part of the Monbijoubrücke. Here will lockers (unisex), wardrobes (secured) and cold-water-showers. Access to this area is for registered swimmers only (wristband necessary for entry).


The Flussbad Swimming Race
Registration for the fee-based Flussbad swimming race, as well as all of the other important information you’ll need to participate, is available this year exclusively on the webpage of our partners, the Berliner Wasserratten who are organising the race this year. The fee is €20. Members of the Flussbad Berlin Verein (Flussbad Berlin Association) can register at a discounted rate of €15.


Spree Canal
The Spree Canal along Berlin’s Museum Island is not designated as an official bathing area. For this reason, it is impossible to rule out potential health risks for swimmers participating in the race and recreational swims, for example, resulting from pathogens in the water. In order to avoid any unnecessary risks, teams of experts will test the water in the swimming area for microbes on two different days prior to the event.
Also prior to the event, divers will search the swimming area for potential obstacles and objects that could cause injury to swimmers. We strongly advise swimmers to avoid contact with the underlying bed of the canal. Diving into the water from the bridges and from the shore is also strictly prohibited.
Unfortunately, although there is a stairwell going down to the water, actual access to the water at Monbijoubrücke is not barrier-free, plus the swim route offers a number of challenges. For these reasons, the trained helpers at the over one-hundred year-old Berlin swimming association known as the Verein Berliner Wasserratten gegr. 1889 e.V. will offer assistance to all individuals with disabilities.
If there are heavy storms and/or strong rainfalls shortly before the competition, it is very likely that the quality of the water in the swim area will be significantly affected by the discharge of mixed wastewater from the sewage system. In this case, the competition might have to be cancelled at short notice – or postponed to the substitute date.


Each participant must register in advance of swimming – either online or on-site on the day of the event.

Each participant must be in good health and excellent physical condition.

Each participant in the Flussbad Pokal race must be an accomplished and/or veteran open-water swimmer with experience swimming comparable distances.

Each swimmer must wear a clearly visible bathing cap. For those swimmers participating in the competitive race, you will be required to wear a Flussbad Berlin bathing cap. For swimmers taking part in the Flussschwimmen recreational swim, any brightly coloured bathing cap will do.

The minimum age for all participants is 16 years. All individuals under the age of 18 will be permitted to swim only with the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Each participant must be fully aware of the fact that the Kupfergraben/Spree Canal area has not been officially designated as a bathing area.

Each participant must be fully aware that they are participating at their own risk. When registering, each participant will have to confirm that they agree to the disclaimer.

The event will be documented on film and in photographs, which means that each participant will be asked upon registration to declare their consent to the use and publication of any films or photographs taken on that day. The data provided by the participants upon registration will be used to contact those participants within the framework of the event. Participants will be asked upon registration to confirm that they agree to the data protection guidelines.

We ask that you read the full Terms and Conditions of participation in this document. By registering via the form below, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of participation.

Cancellation of 16.06.

Because of strong rainfalls shortly before the competition, the quality of the water in the swim area actually is significantly affected by the discharge of mixed wastewater from the sewage system. This is why the competition has officially been cancelled on Wednesday, 12th June.

The competition is planned to take place on substitute-date 25.08.2019. Your registrations keep their validity. The registration form will be opened again soon.

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Wir eröffnen die Registrierung für den 5. Berliner Flussbad Pokal wieder, nachdem der Ursprungstermin am 16.06. ausfallen musste. Die Registrierung ist nun für den 25.08.2019