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Pre-registration for the 4th Flussbad Berlin Cup 2018

Exclusively for registered swimmers of the 3rd Flussbad Berlin Cup (2017)

We are swimming again!

To be precise, on Sunday July 1st, 2018. Also this year, in addition to the swimming competition geared towards experienced open-water swimmers, we are holding a non-competitive swim for ambitious recreational swimmers, the so-called “River Swimming”. Taking part in the “River Swimming”, the participants have the possibility to enjoy a swim (non time based) along the future river bath in front of the backdrop of the Museum Island.

All registered participants of the 3rd Flussbad Berlin Cup (2017), don’t have to pay a starting fee for this year anew – given that they paid the fee for 2017 and that they still possess and bring along their yellow bathing cap (if applicable with the starting number for participants in the competion). As we had to cancel the Flussbad Berlin Cup last year due to bad water conditions and don’t want this to happen again this year, we already plan with an alternative date: Sunday, September 9th, 2018.

ATTENTION: The number of individuals participating in the Flussbad Berlin Cup and the River Swimming is limited due to capacity constraints. An early online registration is therefore recommended. Your places will be reserved until March 15th, from then on registrations will be assigned according to the general number of registered participants. On the day of the event, depending on the number of participants confirmed in advance, it might still be possible to register spontaneously at the last minute on site. Due to technical reasons, the starting fee has to paid anew when registering spontaneously on site.

This year the association introduces two novelties for all participants!

Flussbad Berlin goes into the Museum

If the 4th Flussbad Berlin Cup on July 1st, 2018 has to be cancelled due to heavy rain and/or strong contamination of the water, all registered participants will be granted free entrance to the adjoining Bode Museum by the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz! We are very glad to have established this neighbourly cooperation as a visit of one of the museums in the cultural centre of the city is always worth it – come rain or shine.

Alternative date

As we absolutely want to swim this year again, we already plan ahead with an alternative date for the swimming cup – in case we have to call off the cup on July 1st, 2018 due to bad water conditions. If the latter is the case we will hold the swimming competition on September 9th, 2018. All registrations made for the first date of course will keep their validity for the second date.

Participation Documents

Please find below all necessary documents for your registration and participation in the 4th Flussbad Berlin Cup, 2018. Please download and read them carefully. When registering you accept the contents of these documents. Please note that these documents are only available in German as they are the legally binding ones.

General Conditions


Rights release

Information for minors

Site plan Flussbad Cup

Web Form

I would like to participate in the 4th Flussbad Berlin Cup 2018. I therefore use my registration credentials from 2017.

After the successful submission of your data you will be forwarded to a confirmation page.

We will match your registration data with the information from last year and will send you an email. This can take a couple of days, so please be patient.

In case of any questions please send an email to Lisa Blum and Ana Shalin Stoeckermann: pokal2018@flussbad-berlin.de