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Zurich - "Badi" for women

Floating downstream on the Limmat River and then getting dried by the sun on the lawn or the wooden deck is part of a successful summer for Zurich residents.

For almost 200 years now, they have known how to appreciate their city’s river bathing areas. The Limmat runs from the Old Town to the former industrial area and further on to the outskirts of the city. As a result, the five bathing pools each have their own character, whether it’s historical, urban or close-to-nature. And when the sun goes down at night, some of the bathing areas shine in a new light and serve as dance floors, open-air cinemas or stages. For urban life in Zurich, the river baths are much more than just swimming areas – the “Badis” [pronounced bad-ees] are valuable oases in the middle of the city.