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Urban Space

When urban planning is smart and effective, it can generate spatial solutions to pressing social issues. In fact, smart planning sometimes doesn't even require any major architectural effort. Good design can bring nature back into a city and create a new public space without reducing the value of what is already in place.

The Flussbad focuses the spotlight on the Spree, the main river flowing through Berlin. Rather than erecting a new and eye-catching structure, this project turns the Spree itself into the central character. In fact, each of the architectural features involved in the project – including the wide, open-air staircases descending to the water, the jetties along the entire Spree Canal and the changing rooms – is designed in a deliberately restrained manner. Our goal is to have these structures adapt to the existing architectural conditions. It also goes without saying that the project will fulfil all official provisions with regard to the preservation of the area's historical heritage. Indeed, we are not seeking to implement yet another major construction project in the Mitte district of Berlin: instead, the idea is to reveal a fresh new approach to the city and its hidden potential. We want to look at the city from a brand new perspective.

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