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For far too long now, it has been simply accepted as an unavoidable fact that cities must perform negatively in ecological terms, especially with regard to exhaust emissions, sewage and soil sealing. Slowly but surely, however, an awareness is emerging of the fact that metropolitan cities have a special responsibility in the realm of ecological urban development. Indeed, in this sphere, Berlin has the potential to become an ecological asset rather than a liability, and perhaps even to play a pioneering role.

Flussbad Berlin is a pilot project. It seeks to cultivate a respectful and state-of-the-art handling of water as a resource as well to foster better water protection in the heart of the city. In other words, once you have taken a relaxing swim in a clean Spree River, you might be more likely to reject the ongoing practice of funnelling sewage into that very same river. 

The Flussbad Berlin project will also allow the river's diverse flora and fauna to have positive effects on the centre of Berlin. With a reduction in the flow rate during normal operations, plants and animals will be able to settle in the project area, in particular those plants and animals that wouldn't be able to do so in other sections of the Spree.

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Hans-Wilhelm auf Reisen

Unser Kahn hat am 29. November 2016 seinen Liegeplatz in Mitte verlassen...
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Donate for our intensive water testing program

Beginning in spring 2017 we will examine several water quality parameters within our swimming test-filter. We want to gain a comprehensive knowledge about the state of the river Spree and the filter effect of our prototype filter-plant and to show all results to the public.
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A prototype Testfilter within a ship - Why?

For a good year we are working an a practical proof to our technical feasability study. We want to build a prototype testfilter system and today we write about it.
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Ahoi "Hans-Wilhelm" – Wir brauchen Euch

In diesem Jahr wollen wir vor Ort sichtbar werden. Dafür arbeiten wir schon eine Weile sehr intensiv hinter den Kulissen. Jetzt werden wir öffentlicher und ihr könnt mitmachen.
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Landgang - eine Müllsammelaktion entlang des Projektgebiets

Am 22. März 2016 geht Flussbad an Land: mit einer neuen Serie von Aktionen haben wir begonnen, das Spreeufer entlang des Projektgebiets zu reinigen.
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