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The Flussbad project holds tremendous economic potential. However, we are going to need considerable support to bring this potential to fruition. There is no doubt that a clean river at the centre of the city would play a flagship role in transforming Berlin into a sustainable city and thus making it even more appealing. Indeed, a city in which such a project can be carried out would be attractive not only to forward-thinking individuals, but also to future-oriented companies.

The first step involved in realising the Flussbad Berlin is to determine the project's overall feasibility. In order to take this step, it is essential that we gather an appropriate level of funds that will enable us to establish the costs at every level, including all relevant technical, legal and administrative expenditures. Only after a thorough examination of each individual parameter will we be able to put a figure on the final construction and maintenance costs for the Flussbad. At the moment, the project is financed by a variety of sources: in the summer of 2014, it received €110,000 from the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie (German Lottery Foundation) in support of an initial technical feasibility study; in autumn 2014, it received its largest boost to date when Germany's Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development approved funding totalling €4 million for the project as part of the "National Urban Development Projects" programme; and, of course, the final component involved in financing the project is our non-profit association "Flussbad Berlin e.V.".