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River Water

The Spree River has to put up with a lot, including sulphate from lignite mines and pesticides from farmers' fields in Brandenburg, just to name a few. Things get very problematic for the Spree especially as it makes its way through Berlin. When it rains heavily, the sewage system overflows and everything is simply washed into the river. When this happens – which can be up to 30 times per year – a fairly clean river turns into a sewer.

The Flussbad Berlin is a first step in the direction of changing this situation. With the help of a natural plant filter, our goal is to cleanse the water in the historical Kupfergraben, a central section of the Spree. This will make it possible to swim in a 840-metre section of clean Spree water. Right in the heart of Berlin.

In addition to the plant filter, we will also examine and propose further measures for the improvement of the quality of water. These range from local water-capture options in overflow structures to the management of canal pipe sections already existing in the project area.

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Donate for our intensive water testing program

Beginning in spring 2017 we will examine several water quality parameters within our swimming test-filter. We want to gain a comprehensive knowledge about the state of the river Spree and the filter effect of our prototype filter-plant and to show all results to the public.
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Der Spreekanal von unten

Wie der Spreekanal unter Wasser aussieht und warum das Wasser so dunkel erscheint. Eine kleine Bildstrecke zeigt es.
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Es geht los - Bauleistungen für Testfilter ausgeschrieben

Seit heute sind die Ausschreibungsunterlagen für den Bau unserer Testfilteranlage veröffentlicht.
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A prototype Testfilter within a ship - Why?

For a good year we are working an a practical proof to our technical feasability study. We want to build a prototype testfilter system and today we write about it.
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