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A society needs spaces and locations where it can gather and mingle. Young and old, rich and poor. In modern cities, there are only a few sites that can fulfil this important social function. Parks and squares are among them; lakes and swimming pools, too. Unfortunately, Berlin's historical centre has a severe lack of sites that are both attractive for everyday life and accessible by all groups in society.

The Flussbad Berlin seeks to create a city centre for everyone. It does not posit itself as an alternative to the many museums and historical buildings already in place: instead, it sees itself as a complementary social component – one that is missing in the current ensemble and one that would allow the area to acquire and retain a vibrant and meaningful quality. Direct access to the Spree would no doubt lure Berliners out of their beloved neighbourhoods or Kieze and bring them together at the centre.

The Flussbad would satisfy an as yet unfulfilled wish expressed by many Berliners, i.e. to open up access to the Spree. As a result, the river would once again become a key physical and psychological part of the everyday lives of Berliners, which hasn't been the case for decades.

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