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River baths worldwide

Flussbad Berlin is of course not the only river bath worldwide. And it is not even the first in the world. There are many pioneers and at least as many contemporary companions.

The tradition of river bathing is a very old one, especially in Switzerland. Whether in the Rhine, Limmat or Aare, the water quality is usually so good that you can just jump into these rivers. Over the past two decades, many cities around the world have bethought of their bodies of water, which are being increasingly reconquered by the citizens.

Our association member Julia Stoff has begun to assemble a small collection of urban river baths. These are located on rivers, streams, former rivers and sea harbours and have been upgraded with more or less infrastructure. This first selection, shown here, is connected to the request to please send us more examples – with a short description of the location. We are glad to extend our collection.

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Basel - Rhine Swimming

The Rhine invites to bathe in it all summer, but only once a year the famous "Rheinschwimmen" takes place. Whether young or old, thousands of swimmers jump into the river and drift downstream.
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Brussels - Pool is cool

Every major city in Europe has at least one public open air swimming pool - except for the the capital of Europe. POOL IS COOL wants to change this for Brussels.
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Chicago - Urban Rivers

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. It’s rare to find refuge amongst the congestion of nearly 10 million Chicagoland residents.
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Copenhagen - Harbour baths

Just 15 years since the first “new generation” of public baths opened at Islands Brygge, the Copenhageners consider it a natural thing to swim in the harbour.
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Kaub - Swimming school Cubalido

In 2016 the Cubalido swimming school in Kaub took place for the first time. Swimming in the Rhine was so well received that it was clear that the event should be continued. So you can continue to...
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London - Thames Baths

So many urban waterways have been in decline since the warehouses and industry along its riverbanks closed. Nowhere is this more exposed than in London where high rise development is now fast...
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Munich - Isar Flussbad

It’s magical to gaze from one of the small bridges in Munich’s English Garden in the direction of the cool Eisbach and watch young people allow the stream to take them downriver.
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New Delhi - Yamuna River

The University of Virginia’s Yamuna River Project is an inter-disciplinary research program whose objective is to revitalize the ecology of the Yamuna River in New Delhi, thus reconnecting India’s...
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New York - +POOL

New Yorkers used to swim in the rivers around Manhattan all the time. Starting back in the late 1800s, up until the 1930s, there were 15 floating bathing houses dotting the coastline of New York City.
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Zurich - "Badi" for women

Floating downstream on the Limmat River and then getting dried by the sun on the lawn or the wooden deck is part of a successful summer for Zurich residents.
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