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Our Service Providers

On the road to realising the Flussbad project, we work together with a wide range of service providers from a variety of fields. Professionalism and the quality of their services are the common elements that unite them all.

We have a long road ahead of us on the journey to realising the Flussbad Berlin. This is not a project we can achieve alone: in fact, we take each step together with our growing network of professional service providers.

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Planning and Engineering Services

Concrete planning services are being carried out at the moment for elements both visible and invisible, i.e. for above and underground structures. The team responsible for the Flussbad's visible elements are the creative minds at realities:united. For the past couple of years, the Berlin-based landscape architecture studio manmadeland has handled the design of the open-space areas, which include the riverside in the Altarm area, but also the selection and positioning of the plants in the filter.

As part of our feasibility study and with help from funds provided by the LOTTO Foundation, the Flussbad water filter – most of which will be underwater – was designed by Prof. Dr. Sieker Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH in Hoppegarten and detailed by AKUT Umweltschutz Ingenieure Burkard und Partner. The engineers at Pecher und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft performed the necessary research into the underground combined sewer system, its affect on the Spree River and potential issues for the Flussbad project and filters.

Legal, Structural and Financial Formalities

We consult with the firm Raue LLP in all legal matters. For specific construction and planning issues, we confer with the firm SWKH.

We were able to attract the Berlin-based company [phase eins] to handle the conceptional and formal management of all tendering and contracting services in the framework of public funding programmes, including all the requirements specified by public procurement law.

We count on the expertise of dehlercoaching and P.I.T. Organisationsberatung to assist us in further developing the structure of our administrative office.

We also enjoy the expertise of Schopp Competence in the field of taxes and payroll processing.


Knowledge Management and Content

The system administrators at datenhain Informationsmanagement GmbH provide us with guidance in the challenging habitat of digital hardware and software.

After an extensive test phase focusing on different software solutions, we chose the portal system liferay as our knowledge repository and exchange platform. The Lucerne-based agency inofix GmbH handles our specific set-up and all customisations. We also put our new website on this browser-based system. In the spring of 2015, we were won over by a pitch presentation by the Berlin agency BÆUCKER SANDERS for the conception and design of our website, which they have since carried out.

Editorial management of all Flussbad content is in the safe hands of Katrin und Hans Georg Hiller von Gaertringen; their clearly formulated texts written from an erudite outsider's perspective serve to expand our horizon even further. The English translation of all Flussbad texts is handled by the savvy wordsmiths at The Hagedorn Group.


Events and Communication

We work together with Andreas und Ilka Ruby on different communication formats for our multiple-themed "Flussbad Talks" discussion series Andreas Broeckmann is set to lead the first multiple-day workshop as part of the "Flussbad WORKS" series.

Our "überFLUSS" series takes place at different sites in the vicinity of the project area, including the Spanish cultural institute Instituto Cervantes, the Czech Centre Berlin (as part of the MakeCity Festival), the ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Labratory, the Walther König Bookshop and the Aktionsraum 3 at Spreefeld Berlin.

When we take people on our regular FlussLÄUFE guided tours through the project area, it can often get loud; in order to avoid the need to shout at participants, we use the tour guide system provided by MEDER Comm Tech Gmbh, which connects our guides wirelessly to each tour participant. Our 90-minute tours are written and designed by Cornelia Vossen – in a friendly and accessible way that everyone can understand.

The 1st Berlin Flussbad Cup in July 2015 would not have been possible without the wonderful support of the DLRG Landesverbands Berlin and the THW Ortsverbands Neukölln. The DLRG removed foreign objects from the canal prior to the competition, and the THW kept a watchful eye on participants during the race. And, thanks to the water quality tests undertaken by thes Potsdamer Wasser- und Umweltlabors, we could be sure that the water quality on that day was within the boundaries set up by the Bathing Water Directives.

Process Documentation and Products

Each step in the progress of the Flussbad project is being documented in images: photographers Annette Hauschild, Marc Beckmann and Dawin Meckel from OSTKREUZ capture never-seen-before perspectives of the project area; photojournalist Axel Schmidt is always in the right place at the right time to photograph people and their reactions; and Hendrik Reichel is filming a documentary covering the entire development process.

The agency Belgrad Creative works on the design of Flussbad printed products from postcards to booklets and posters (-the actual printing is done by Oktoberdruck).

Our beautiful Flussbad towels were delivered by Hamamista and printed at the Berlin screen printing workshop Zwölfer. These one-of-a-kind towels are only available at the Flussbad offices! The same goes for the squeaky yellow bathing caps we got from Crespo.