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Participation in the Flussbad Berlin Cup 2018

The online registration has expired, but late registration at the day of the event (depending on capacities available) will be available from 12 noon to 5 pm at the Monbijou Bridge.

Special features

The Spree Canal runs along Museum Island and is not designated as an official bathing area. For this reason the competition may pose a health risk as a result of pathogens in the water. In order to reduce any risks due to possible diseases, the water in the area of the competition will be tested for microbes by a specialist laboratory on two different days shortly before the event. Divers will also search the swimming area for potential objects, hindrances and any additional risks prior to the event (see technical information). Nonetheless, any contact with the channel bottom should be absolutely avoided, jumping from the river bank is not allowed.
The access to the water is not barrier-free (stairs) and the route brings special challenges with it. We offer support to people with special needs by trained helpers (please use the contact option in the registration form).

In addition, if there are storms and/or heavy rainfalls shortly before the competition, it is possible that the quality of the water along the swimming route will decrease significantly as a result of the discharge of mixed wastewater from the sewage system. If this is the case, the competition might have to be cancelled at the last minute and will be postponed to the alternative date on September 9th, 2018.

Terms and conditions (subject to change)

Date of the 4th Flussbad Berlin Cup: Sunday, July 1st, 2018
Alternative Date (in case of cancellation of the first event): Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Route/Distance: 1,000 m (2x500 metres)
Start & finish in the water at the southern end of the Monbijou Bridge; turning point after 500 metres at the Lustgarten. The competition will begin in the water (please see site plan).

Protective swimsuits
Wearing protective swimsuits is permitted, unless any relevant security measures speak against it on the day of the event.

Age restrictions
The minimum age for all participants is 16 years (individuals under the age of 18 are permitted to participate only with the written consent of a parent or guardian (please see information for minors). The participant's age will be determined by calculating the age they will be on the day of the event.

The online registration is available from March 15th, 2018 onwards – please scroll down on this page. The deadline for the online registration is Sunday, June 24th, 2018, at midnight.
The number of participants is limited due to capacity constraints.

Starting Fee
Participants must pay a starting fee of € 15 (discount price, € 5*) via wire transfer.
* We offer a discount exclusively for members of the association Flussbad Berlin. Become a member!

Late registrations
The number of individuals participating in the Flussbad Berlin Cup and the River Swimming is limited due to capacity constraints. An early online registration is therefore recommended. On the day of the event, depending on the number of participants confirmed in advance, it might still be possible to register spontaneously at the last minute on site.
On the day of the event no discount will be granted for members of the association.

On site
The changing areas as well as toilets and sanitary facilities will be located on the premises of the "Märchenhütte am Monbijoupark" on Monbijoustraße 3, 10117 Berlin (see site plan). There will be guarded changing rooms (separate for men and women), cold-water showers as well as warm and cold drinks and fruit provided. Access to the closed-off participant area at the Märchenhütte will only be granted to registered participants (with the official armband).

Terms and conditions (subject to change)

~ All participants are registered
~ All participants must be in good health and have excellent physical endurance
~ The minimum age for all participants is 16 years; individuals under the age of 18 are permitted to participate only with the written consent of a parent or guardian
~ All participants take part at their own risk; when registering, participants accept a corresponding disclaimer
~ Seeing as the event will be documented on film and in photographs, each participant will be asked upon registration to declare their consent to the use and publication of film and photographic material
~ All participants must wear the Flussbad bathing cap


The competition (time based) is aimed at skilled open-water swimmers (i.e. individuals who can swim 1,000 metres under 20 minutes) who have experience in similar open-water competitions (see site plan). The time will be taken manually. The participants will receive their start numbers together with their starter package.

The swimmers with the fastest times (male and female) will be awarded the Flussbad Berlin Cup ("Pokal"). Those participants who come in second and third will receive prizes in kind. All participants will receive a personalised certificate (digitally). Each participant's time will be published on site publicly.

River swimming

The River swimming (non time based) is aimed at good swimmers who have excellent physical endurance yet don't necessarily have any experiences in competitions. The participants will receive a starter package, too, but without a start number. No time will be taken. All participants will receive a personalised certificate (digitally). The swimming route will be open from approx. 2.30 p.m. until 5.30 p.m. to all participants registered for the River swimming.

Schedule (subject to change)

11.00 am - 6.00 pm Access open to the swimmer area at the Märchenhütte (Monbijoustraße 3, 10117 Berlin)
12.00 noon - 5.00 pm Late registration for swimmers at the southern part of the Monbijou Bridge (Competition/River swimming, depending on capacities available)
1.30 pm Briefing for all swimmers participating in the competition at the southern part of the Monbijou Bridge

1.00 pm Address of welcome at the southern part of the Monbijou Bridge
1.30 - 2.30 pm Start of the competition (Start in waves, m/f mixed)
2.45 pm Award ceremony
2.55 pm Photo with all all swimmers participating in the competition
3.00 pm & 4.00 pm Optional briefings for all participants of the River swimming at the southern part of the Monbijou Bridge
3.00 pm – 5.30 pm River swimming (subsequent to the competition)
6.00 pm End of the event

How to apply

The registration takes place online in three (or four) steps:

Step 1
Transfer of the application data via the registration form (please scroll down this page). After the successful submission you will be forwarded to a confirmation page.

Step 2
After having checked all registration data, you will receive an e-mail with all bank account information for the wire transfer of the starting fee (the validation process may need a couple of days, please bear with us until then).
Please transfer the starting fee within 3 working days after having received this e-mail.

Step 3
After the receipt of the starting fee payment on our bank account you will receive a binding confirmation e-mail stating that your registration is now valid.
We will communicate further information regarding the schedule and possible changes in due time before to the event via e-mail.

Step 4 (for participants under 18 years)
Participation is only granted with the written consent of a parent or guardian (see information for minors).

Starter package

All participants will receive a starter package including a Flussbad bathing cap and an armband that grants them access to the closed-off area containing the changing rooms and sanitary facilities.
The starter packages can be collected personally on Thursday (June 28th, 2018) and Friday (June 29th, 2018) at our “Flussbad-Garden”, Friedrichsgracht/Sperlingsgasse, 10178 Berlin between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm.
Alternatively, we offer to send the starter packages to a specified postal address – only within Germany - from the beginning of June 2018 onwards (possible for all registrations submitted online until June 1st, 2018).

Cancellation of registration

Cancellations of the registration can be made until Friday, June 1st, 2018 by sending an email to pokal2018@flussbad-berlin.de stating the given name and the surname. The cancellation fee is € 5, the remaining amount will be transferred to the stated bank account.

Cancellation of event(s)

In case we have to call off the Flussbad Berlin Cup on July 1st, 2018, due to bad water conditions all registrations will keep their validity for the alternative date on September 9th, 2018. If both events have to be called off due to force majeure and bad water quality, the paid starting fee can’t be refunded, as we already had expenses for the preparations of the event (e.g. the starter packages). Paid starter packages, which haven’t been collected in time, can be sent to a specified address afterwards.

Important documents

Registration form

The online-registration form has been deactivated. If you still want to participate at the 4. Flussbad-Cup please register on-site on July 1st, 2018 between 12:00 pm and 5 pm at Monbijoubridge. We are looking forward to you.

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