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About us


The Flussbad team works alongside a number of partners, all of whom assist us in matters relating to both content and strategy. Our partnerships always focus on professional teamwork, whether our partners come from politics, science, public interest or industry.

In addition to our members and supporters, Flussbad Berlin receives vital support from several partners active in the worlds of science, industry and politics. Indeed, the scope of the Flussbad project extends to a wide array of fields that include technical, sociological, design, communicative, political, ethnological and artistic elements. If you can see yourself contributing your time and expertise as a Flussbad partner, don't hesitate to contact us …

Contact: Lisa Maja Bannert: +49.(0)30.555744-567, partner(at)flussbad-berlin.de

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Partnerships with Science and Academia

The Flussbad Berlin project has a great deal to do with water. As a result, it's no surprise that we spend a lot of time working on hydrological and hydrotechnical issues.

Even before the Flussbad association was founded in the fall of 2012, our team had already established a close relationship with Aquanet Berlin-Brandenburg, a network in which partners from industry and R&D come together to improve water conditions throughout the capital region.

We work on a regular basis to intensify our media strategies in the digital and analogue spheres with the help of Professor Carsten Busch from the Department of Medienwirtschaft / Medieninformatik at Berlin's HTW University of Applied Sciences. Together we explore the question of how to visualise and communicate the somewhat indiscernible topic of urban water treatment, especially in Berlin in the context of Flussbad.


Industrial Partnerships

After a tremendous amount of effort and ultimately also with support from the federal government, landscape architect Ralf Steeg succeeded in installing his prototype water collection tank at Osthafen – one that would stand separately from Berlin's combined sewage system. When heavy rains overflow the system, the water mass collected as part of his Spree2011 project would be pumped back into the sewage system once the rains had passed. This system would ensure improvements in the water quality of the Spree River. Steeg has continued to develop the technology he created for the prototype and now distributes his products with the help of his company luritech GmbH.

Local Interest Groups

In 2014, we began a regular exchange with representatives of the Historical Port of Berlin and their association, known as the Berlin-Brandenburgsche Schiffahrtsgesellschaft (Berlin-Brandenburg Shipping Company). Several of this organisation's historical ships and barges lie directly at the starting point of the Flussbad project area.

We have enjoyed a close and ideal partnership with the Berlin Triathlon Union (BTU) for almost 2 years now. Even before the 1st Berlin Flussbad Cup in July 2015, we shared the dream of swimming in the Spree Canal. And now that dream has become a reality, and the BTU and its members are on board!